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Arts & Theater
June 07, 2022 to June 07, 2022
11:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Tennessee Theatre, 604 South Gay Street,,, Knox County, Tennessee, United States, 37902

About This Event

Experience China before communism: Shen Yun takes you on an extraordinary journey through China\'s 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture. Exquisite beauty from the heavens, profound wisdom from dynasties past, timeless legends and ethnic traditions all spring to life through classical Chinese dance, enchanting live orchestral music, authentic costumes, and patented interactive backgrounds. Revisit a time when scholars and artists sought harmony with the Tao, or the \"Way\" of the universe, and when divine beings walked upon the earth to inspire humanity. Join us for a night filled with courage and wisdom, light and hope...Experience Shen Yun!
BREAKFAST - Served daily 7am - 11am (A la Carte)
LUNCH - Served daily 11am - 3pm
DINNER - Served daily 3pm - 11pm
9am - 11pm
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